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Where do I stand?


With You. With Families. With Small Business.

Where do I stand?


With You. With Families. With Small Business.

Fundamental Issues

    • Education: I will work to create common-sense solutions with regard to issues surrounding education, funding of our schools, and teacher pay. Our children are our future and our teachers play an important role in their development and preparation for navigating life as adults. My opponent voted against school funding and a raise for teachers. Democrats have continued to use education as a pawn in political gameplay, and I believe our children deserve better than that. Education shouldn’t be a partisan political issue.
    • Law Enforcement: I want to emphasize the fact that I am not supportive of the 'Defund the Police' movement. Our law enforcement and first responders are the cornerstones of a lawful society, and I am proud to stand with them in Buncombe County and across the State. Solutions to issues can only be found when honest discussions occur, addressing all of the issues that contribute to the problem. As your representative, I would be open to having the discussions in order to explore solutions, but I'm not open to denigrating hard-working law enforcement officers, the vast majority of whom conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and honor, putting their lives on the line to serve and protect.
    • Infrastructure: For too long, infrastructure issues have been ignored, particularly here locally where we are experiencing massive growth. I will draw upon my experience and expertise to advocate for these much-needed infrastructure improvements in our area.

Financial Security and Fiscal Responsibility

Despite the exceptional job that Republicans have done creating a surplus after winning the majority of seats in the General Assembly in 2010, our state and country have taken a big hit as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The number of businesses and jobs that have been lost is devastating.

As your representative, I will work to bring businesses and jobs back to our state. As someone who has worked hard to build a business, I possess the knowledge, experience, and qualifications necessary to understand and address these issues. I will work to create opportunities for my District 116 constituents and for all North Carolinians.

We saw that our state was better prepared than many others as a result of Republican policies, though, and I will always focus on fiscal responsibility to ensure that our state is well-positioned to address and solve potential issues or disasters that arise.


We are experiencing unprecedented times and we're witnessing an erosion of our rights. Democrat legislators across the country are offering justifications for these infringements while violating their oaths of office.

Censorship is stifling free speech. Our religious freedom is under attack. And, our 2nd Amendment rights, which empower us to protect ourselves, our rights, and our freedom, are being threatened by Democrats.

I believe our rights are non-negotiable. As your representative, I will fight to uphold the Constitution and to protect the rights and freedom that define us as a nation and as a people.

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